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By intercollective

October 1, 2009

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With Anna’s return to Perth we draw an end to this particular dialogue at this site.

As it stands on its own we do not consider this blog to be an artwork in itself, but rather a record of a specific period of time. Ultimately the blog was a stimulus to be continually engaged with the idea of communicating experiences, and as a tool to experiment with the form of that communication.

The blog was intentionally set up for the purpose of establishing a dialogue between ourselves with the potential for that to extend to a larger audience. Opening the process up to a public forced us to be conscious of continually being interesting and aware of how we were communicating; being critically engaged with ideas of narration, cohesiveness, abstraction and conciseness. There was a specific structure adopted (ie. the fixed postcard format of image/text) leaving us to experiment with the form.

Our experiences are subjective. How can we process those experiences and then translate them in a form understood by other people?

This became our main area of exploration and the blog became a forum for experimenting, practicing, and learning as well as responding to what had already been communicated- responding to someone else’s experience.

Trans Continent arose from the prevailing conditions we found ourselves in – it existed as we did, in-between projects, places and time zones, and it provided a momentum to keep up a working practice. A medial dialogue promoting shared experience rather than isolation.